About Us

Viagra ® Services is a service specializing in facilitating the access of Viagra ® to men with erectile dysfunction. We provide men with a confidential and comfortable way of obtaining viagra prescriptions and having the medication delivered discreetly to your home.

Viagra ® Services is the easiest, most reliable and confidential virtual consulting and ordering service for Viagra ®.

Ordering through our web-based service is strictly confidential and secure. Our goal is to provide our clients with a 100% satisfactory service and all information provided to us is strictly protected by patient-doctor privileges.

Physicians and pharmacists are the medical and pharmaceutical entities while Viagra ® Services is the informational, marketing entity that connects them with patients and people seeking medical care. Viagra ® Services has no control or supervision over the physician or pharmacy, and is not involved in the actual practice of medicine. We collect information from patients concerning their requests for prescription medications. This is the confidential medical history and physical-condition information that physicians need to make a professional evaluation. Viagra ® Services then provides this information to a licensed American physician for review and an online consultation. The questionnaire explains the benefits and risks to the patient and explains these in greater depth than in most office visits. The patient is also referred to package inserts and drug company literature on the product. The physician then decides whether the treatment is appropriate or not. Licensed physicians do not approve every request for a prescription. If approved, the request is forwarded to a licensed pharmacy. This pharmacy offers reliable and confidential services. Competitive prices and quick, discreet delivery are a few requirements for the pharmacies that fill the prescriptions. The pharmacists who fill the prescriptions are licensed to advice on the proper use of the medications. Additionally, the medications are obtained from legitimate wholesalers. Viagra ® Services serves as the informational liasion in the process, utilizing the internet to enhance the health care experience of millions of individuals.

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